5° FINDECOIN  International Short Film Festival  "The day is short"

Official Selection

103 films


International Official Selection

Drama Short Film  

  1. Bea.  Eduardo Lecuona.  Mexico        

  2. Deuxième Chance. Andrea Emanuela  Bossoni.  Francia  

  3. Devil In A New Dress. Anil Giri. Australia                                                            

  4. End Of. Iasen Sokolov. Spain                      

  5. Final Shelter. Mounir Ben Bachir. Belgium        

  6. Meeting At The Seaside. Maïté Baillieul. Belgium      

  7. Probability. Hüseyin Saylan. Turkey           

  8. Rapsodia In Blue. Maria Carolina Salomé   Italy      

  9. Tapferkeit. Joseph Quinn. United States              

  10. The Farewell Of Juan And Juan. Anton Wenzel. Colombia, Germany      

  11. The Little Fish and the Crocodile. Stefanie Plattner.  Alemania  

Comedy Short Film  

  1. Dead Drop Love. Jeff Doyle, Shaun Ryan. Norway    

  2. Desajustados .   Pepe Publio.  Brasil  

  3. Golpe De Suerte. Hugo Flores. Peru  

  4. Homecoming. Jennifer Blair.United States       

  5. Inlove. Les Frères Lopez. France        

  6. Kapitalistis. Pablo Munoz Gomez. France      

Experimental Short Film   

  1. Charles. Benjamin Hembus    Germany   

  2. Espiral.  Susana Weingarten Evert.  United States     

  3. Sheut. Teo Belton. Peru.     

  4. The Saba Bandagi Shah Project. Saba Hasan. India     

  5. Tunnel. James Coe. United Kingdom      

Lgbt Short Film    

  1. Heather Has Four Moms. Jeanette Buck. United States     

  2. Things Break In. Tess Harrison. Usa   

  3. Turn It Around. Niels Bourgonje. Netherlands.     

  4. Whole. Slava Doytcheva    Bulgaria    

Fantastic - Science Fiction Short Film   

  1. I Love Eva Marsh. Rémy Rondeau.  France.     

  2. Leak. Gabriel Inghilterra. United States     

  3. The Assassin's Apprentice. Russ Emanuel. United States    

  4. Voice. Takeshi Kushida. Japan     

Horror Short Film   

  1. Atomic Ed. Nicolas   Hugon.   Francia    

  2. Bitch, Popcorn & Blood. Fabio Soares.  France    

  3. Burn. Judson Vaughan. United Kingdom     

  4. Goodnight, Gracie. Stellan Kendrick.  United States   

  5. Hot Dog. T.J. Yoshizaki. U S A    

  6. Impacto. Hèctor Romance. Spain     

Documentary Short Film   

  1. After The Silence. Sonam Larcin. Belgium     

  2. Anderswo. Adrian Figueroa. Inglaterra  

  3. Cuatro Y Quena. Thomas Torres. France    

  4. Emma. Noa Maiman. Israel  

  5. Fortiter Et Suaviter. Jeremie Basset. Netherlands, Italy, France

  6. Los Que Desean. Elena Lopez Riera. Suiza    

  7. On His Own - Israeli Art In The Domain Of An Individual. Yasmeen Hadass Liphshitz Siman Tov. Israel      

  8. Shooting Stars. Magda Jaroszewicz. Germany    

  9. Siblings. Bar Alon. Israel      

Animated Short Film   

  1. Anacronte. Raúl Koler y Emiliano Sette. Argentina, Mexico       

  2. Duerrenwaid 8. Kirsten Carina Geißer, Ines Christine Geißer. Germany      

  3. Face 2 Face. Joseph Hurley. U S A  

  4. L'homme Et Le Poisson. Lewis Leon.  Canada  

  5. Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life. Michael Genz.  U S A    

  6. Mogu And Perol. Tsuneo Goda. Japan     

  7. Shuttle Bus. Luo Dandan. China     

  8. Ukelayla.  United States  

  9. Valentina Todos Los Días. Julio Gonzalez. Venezuela  

Student Short Film   

  1. Dune. Tonghe Wang. China          

  2. Fish Out Of Water. Bao Chunyu. United States   

  3. Hausla Aur Raste. Maulik Chauhan. India       

  4. Praise And Blame. Shane Book. Canada    

  5. The Little Dictator. Nurith Cohn. Israel     

No-Budget Short Film      

  1. ¿Cómo Se Llama Tu Padre? Alexandra Von Schelling. Cuba      

  2. Capt Stolly Stollenberger. Mike Mcdougall. South Africa      

  3. Gifts From Babylon. Bas Ackermann. Gambia    

Web Serie      

  1. Battledream Chronicles: A New Beginning. Alain Bidard.  France    

  2. Divine Consultants - The Beginning. Juha Fiilin. Finland    

  3. Sk & J. Susan-Kate Heaney. U S A       

Video Clip      

  1. Caminante. Dieter-Michael Grohmann. Belgium    

  2. Uncrossed. Jonah King. U S A   

  3. Up In The Sky. Sami  Natsheh. España  

Video Art  

  1. 14. Hiroshi Kizu. Japan     

  2. Cattle History. Kate Rhoades. U S A  

  3. Exigency. Chen Jiexiao. Singapore     

  4. Light Divides The Square. Kimberly Burleigh. United States   

  5. Trees In Winter. John Woodman   United Kingdom                          

Narrative Feature Film   

  1. "As The Earth Turns". Richard H. Lyford. United States    

  2. Familienleben.  Rosa Hannah Ziegler.  Alemania  

  3. Pride Of Wisdom. Dharani Rajendran. India       

  4. Terrolun And Lunlun. Hiroyuki Miyagawa. Japan   

  5. Whack. Zhang Taihai. China  

Documental Feature Film   

  1. Living On The Edge - Deglamourizing Bollywood. Opender Chanana. India    

  2. Niebieskie Chachary. Cezary Grzesiuk. Poland     

  3. The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything. The Church Of Almighty God. Korea, Republic Of 

  4. A Florida Melancholy. Eli Hayes. United States Of America    

Short Film Screenplay   

  1. California. Jorge Abarca. U S A     

  2. Finsome. Dawn Brown. United States   

  3. Jump. Michael Davison. Canada       

  4. Odin River. Barbara Glas. France     


National Official Selection


  1. Añoranza. Wilmer Aguirre    

  2. Arraigo. María Laura Reina   

  3. Blanca. Mariana Peña      marialaurareina1@gmail.com

  4. Desfragmentados. Paula Zambrano    

  5. Dummy, Un Funeral De Social Media. March Riera  

  6. El Sueño De Leah. Mary Marcano  

  7. Femme. Raffael Di Nave                

  8. Ilusión "El Pacto". Carlos J Cepeda   

  9. Lazos. Paula Zambrano                               

  10. Lottia. Sebastián Ochoa   

  11. Mamá. Marianel Escobar    

  12. Nostalgia. Ramiro Mendoza


  1. Anticipados. Unai Torres        

  2. Ciudad anecdótica. Genaro Rivas          

  3. Los Hijos Del Silencio. Anthony Xavier  

  4. Pineda. Daniel Peñaloza    





Rosa Delgado Leyva

Doctorate in Audiovisual Comunication and Publicity (2008, UAB). Bachelor's degree at Fine Arts-Image (1993, UB).

Visual Artist, filmaker, conferenciant and collaborator in radio about art, cinema or creativity. She is teacher of draw at the Generalitat of Catalonia. Author of the cinema bookLa Pantalla Futurista. (Méliès-Chomón). Cátedra. Madrid 2012. Screenplayer and director of the short film "Oh the Chacho well he knows" (2017), and  founding partner of Cosersinhilo Producciones S.L. 

Franz Günter Moser-Kindler

Franz Günter “FraGue” Moser-Kindler (1982, Austria) migrated to directing short movies as a result of being a director and dancer in hip-hop dance theatre. The focus of his work is using the hip-hop dance styles as a narrative tool to tell stories that are not directly related to dance.

M. V. Montgomery

M. V. Montgomery has twenty-two years’ experience as a film professor in Atlanta, Georgia, and his screenplays have been honored at film festivals in twenty-four countries.  Last year, his short script “Selah Selam” was a FINDECOIN winner and later received the Grand Jury Award at the Barcelona International Film Festival in Spain.  It was also a winner in several United States screenwriting contests including the American Film Awards, the World Series of Screenwriting, the Beverly Hills Screenwriting Contest, and the Southern California Screenwriting Competition.

Diana Frankovic

Ainhoa Estévez

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